Have you ever done your makeup, but your final result doesn’t impress? After all the efforts, your makeup ends up cakey? While there are many tips and tricks on avoiding cakey, thick makeup, there isn’t much help when the damage has already been done. If you want to learn how to fix your cakey makeup without having to re-do it all, we have five easy solutions for you.


01. Keep blending

Keep blending

The best idea is to keep blending. Go in with small, circular motions and keep blending your foundation. If you think you’ve applied too much foundation and your brush isn’t doing much anymore, wipe your brush on a clean tissue and get back to blending. This will eliminate excess foundation that was only making rounds on your skin and adding to the mess. Wiping the bristles will also prevent potential streaks that wet brushes tend to leave. You can also switch your brush to a dense foundation brush to make the process easier.


02. Use blotting paper

Use blotting paper

Use tissue paper or blotting paper to remove oiliness and blend the base with a damp beauty sponge. This is a trick many celebrity makeup artists use on sets when actors get sweaty and oily under photography lights. This one comes in handy if you have oily skin or if your makeup starts looking cakey after a few hours. Blot, blend and done. Like the previous hack, you can use a little setting spray to blend the makeup better.


03. Use a beauty sponge

Use a beauty sponge

Lift excess foundation from your skin using a damp beauty sponge. Just bounce it across your skin as you would blend your foundation. Beauty sponges are great to achieve a natural finish. You can also spray some setting spray on your sponge and continue dabbing it on your skin. Setting spray will help blend everything seamlessly. Ensure your beauty sponge isn’t completely dry since they’re designed to be used damp.


04. Use setting spray

Use setting spray

Once again, we’re fangirling over setting spray. If your makeup looks too dry and cakey, just spritz some setting spray all over your face. Opt for hydrating or moisturising sprays to help with dryness. Natural finish or dewy finish setting sprays work the best to get rid of cakey makeup.


05. Re-moisturise


This one is tricky, but it works like a miracle! It’s easy to wash off and start over, but that is not an option when you’ve spent hours creating a look. This trick works especially well for under the eyes. First, blot your skin to take away any excess greasiness if you have oily skin. Now, you’ll need a small concealer buffing brush, your favourite primer and moisturiser. Load the brush's bristles with some moisturiser and gently apply it to your under-eyes. This will bring back nourishment to the skin. Then mix a little bit of your primer and foundation and apply it to the area. Don’t rub it, just pat the product in. Once it’s all seamless, set it in place by lightly dusting some powder on the skin. This re-application trick can be done over makeup.

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